5 Quick tips for tourists looking to Visit Nairobi, Kenya

Hi Guys,

This is my first ever post about my journey to other African cities. I live in Lagos also own livinginlagos.com.

I love travelling and I will be sharing travel tips and details from my recent trip to east Africa starting with Nairobi Kenya.

Nairobi is beautiful and has a lot to offer especially for tourist. Everything is built around promoting their culture and tourism which is amazing. I spent 4 days in Nairobi 80% of my time I was on the road visiting places and acting like a typical tourist.

5 Quick tips for tourists looking to visit Nairobi.

  1. Change $ to Kenya shillings it is easier to spend the local currency than $. Although dollars is accepted. 99/100 = $1
  2. Always compare transportation cost via Uber with local cabs. Uber is always cheaper. Also Uber works perfectly but don’t expect luxurious cars.
  3. Stay somewhere central for easy access to tourist attractions.
  4. Research a lot about the tourist attractions you intend to visit rather than depending on tour guides or your hotel. Tour company’s are always cheaper than the option your hotel offers.
  5. Make sure you have the Safari experience in Kenya, It is cheaper than Safari experience in Tanzania.
  6. Try to learn a bit of Swahili e.g Abari means Greetings, Good morning ‘Abari Asubuyi’ Asante ‘Thank You’

Expect more from my experience in Nairobi with loads of pictures.

I will be highlighting my experience at Nairobi National Park, Hells Gate National Park, Great Valley rift, Lake Naivasha, Crescent Islands, Giraffe centre, David trust Elephant Orphanage, Railway museum, Nairobi living (City Life) & Food in Nairobi.