WheninGhana – Trip to Lake Volta Akosombo in Ghana

In 2015 December, I visited Ghana for the 3rd time and the trip was very short. Almost unplanned but we also went on a brief assignment to learn more about fish farming in Ghana. Our friends planned a quick tip to visit the largest fish farming district Akosombo.

Akosombo is also the home of Lake Volta an artificial Lake which is the largest man made Lake in the world. Interesting fact, the lake is located behind Akosombo Dam which powers electricity to the whole of Ghana.

Akosombo is about 4 hours from central Accra. We had a good driver who knew his way around and we embarked on the road trip through the country side also crossing hills and lots of land before Akosombo.

We arrived there in the evening making our way to locate the entrance the fish farming businesses by Lake Volta. The area was extremely reserved and they had a lot of security as well. We noticed the closest hotel was a resort close to the fish farming businesses.

We did not make it in time to meet the fish farming business owners but we had time to explore Lake Volta. They recommended we the 1 hour cruise even though it was a bit late we would be able to enjoy the scenery and definitely watch the sunset at the Lake.

I was amazed by the scenery, the lake is absolutely beautiful probably the most beautiful I have ever since. I took so many pictures, I couldn’t stop and I also caught the sunset at the Lake.

After the cruise heading out of Akosombo, our driver told us about the famous Adom bridge which spans through Volta river, the bridge can also be spotted during the Lake Volta cruise. We were able to take get a quick picture on our way back.

If we had not gone searching to learn about fish farming businesses in Ghana, we would never have discovered Lake Volta. It is one of the hidden gems in west Africa.